Neil Johnson Photography is about my passion in life, capturing moments that trigger memories, creating images that draw you into a story, or taking you places where you may not have been. 


It all began as a youthful hobby when I enrolled in an introduction to photography class at age 15, using an old rangefinder camera and developing black and white pictures in a small closet between classrooms.  As simple as it seemed at the time, it was enough to ignite a fire that continues to burn in me today. These days, I take a camera with me almost everywhere I go. You never know when a magical moment may occur…a mischievous look, a twinkle in an eye, or a just a gaze into nowhere.  Treasured moments come in all varieties—the thrill of a kid knocking the baseball deep into the field, or throwing someone out at the plate. The emotional giddiness of a bride on her wedding day and the mixed emotions of joy and melancholy as her parents watch their little girl cross that threshold into a new life.  These moments are precious memories that will fade with time. However, photography captures moments, allowing you to not only relive the stories, emotions, scents, and flavors of the past, but also share them with future generations.  That’s what I love about it.


Please browse through our gallery to see examples of our work.  We focus mainly on real estate photography presently, but would be happy to discuss any photography needs you may have.


Contact Neil Johnson Photography via phone at 910-620-5860 or e-mail at [email protected] .